You CAN Teach Coding In Your Homeschool

I vividly remember my first experiences with coding on our family computer growing up.  It all began when I discovered the world of blogging; I loved to write and create ever since I was young, and quickly became obsessed with teaching myself html and using my skills to create a flashy blog (oh how blogging has changed since then!).

When I think back to that time, I remember how much fun it was to learn and create something using technology, and how empowering it was.  And that fun, independent learning turned into a valuable skill that benefits me today – who would have known?

I am thankful, though, that it’s even easier for kids to learn how to code these days.  In our increasingly technological world, coding (also known as computer programming) is an invaluable skill to learn.  As homeschool parents, we have a great opportunity to equip our kids with the means of understanding and interacting with computers.

Why Teach Coding?

Our kids benefit in many ways when we teach them computer programming.  For starters, coding is fun.  And if they learn it when they are young, the process will be much easier for them as well.

Coding also helps kids learn to apply logical thinking and become better problem solvers.  It engages the creative part of their brains, and helps them engage with media and technology in healthy ways.

Better yet, if they continue to gain interest in technology as they get older, the coding they learn now might give them a competitive edge into a future we can only dream about now.

Computer Programming for Homeschoolers

You might be wondering where to start to teach coding in your homeschool – especially if you don’t know the first thing about coding.  That’s where Homeschool Code Academy comes in.

Homeschool Code Academy’s online course Python for Beginners: Learn Coding at Home is where you should start if you want to effortlessly incorporate computer programming into your homeschool. The video lessons are fun, self-paced, and don’t require any coding experience on your part.


Homeschool Code Academy was founded by homeschool dad and expert software engineer Matt Bohn, who was once a homeschool kid himself (so he gets it!).  Matt has been coding for over 20 years, and his career has included work at IBM and development of applications for big names such as Microsoft and the USDA.

Python for Beginners teaches kids how to create Python programs using short, easy-to-follow videos.  They’ll confidently tackle projects like making their computer speak, drawing colorful 2D graphics, and coding an arcade-style game complete with animation and sound effects.  The course has received numerous positive reviews from real homeschool families in The Old Schoolhouse Crew Review.

If you’ve been wanting to teach coding in your homeschool, here are a few more reasons I think you’ll love Homeschool Code Academy and the Python for Beginners course:

  • Python is a very popular programming language, and it’s used by real companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google.  That competitive edge I mentioned earlier?  Python is a great place to begin building that foundation for your kids.
  • Python for Beginners is self-paced and requires minimal parent supervision.  So if you don’t know how to code – no problem.  If you have other kids you need to attend to in your homeschool – this course will offer you that much needed extra time as your child learns independently.
  • Homeschool Code Academy is designed for your child’s success.  If they do happen to get stuck on something, online email support is readily available, and video solutions are included for every task.
  • Students experience hands-on learning as they follow along with the teacher, and are given challenges to reinforce the concepts they learn.
  • Learning computer programming encourages your kids to become creators rather than simply consumers, and find joy in doing so.

We are living in a digital world run by computer code and algorithms; computer programming is integral to understanding all the technology we are surrounded with.  Matt from Homeschool Code Academy knows what it’s like to be a homeschool parent in the trenches; CLICK HERE to learn more about Homeschool Code Academy and how he can help you teach coding in your homeschool.

Source : You CAN Teach Coding In Your Homeschool

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