Olympics STEM Activity: Creating Graphs with Google Sheets

Let’s be real, my friend. We homeschool moms like to turn whatever we can into an educational experience, right? With the Olympics fast approaching, we’ve got the perfect chance! And this Olympics activity for kids will teach your kids some math and technology skills.

Tackling Phys Ed is a given because you’re learning about different sports. And you can totally cover geography by learning about the different countries competing. History? No problem…just learn about the ancient Olympics. And there are plenty of notebooking and lapbooking options to practice writing. But, how about techin’ your Olympics study? Have you considered ways to reach STEM standards by learning about the upcoming Olympics?


Try out this STEM activity from the Olympics Online Unit Study. By tracking medal standings during the Olympic Games, your family will learn about spreadsheets and graphs. Check it out!

Olympics Activity: Create a Medal Results Graph

To create your graph, you’ll need a Google Drive account and a basic understanding of Google Sheets. You can learn more about using Google Sheets HERE.

To complete this project:

  • Sign up below to get your copy of the “Olympics Medal Results” spreadsheet template and add it to your Google Drive.
  • Choose at least 5 countries that you’ll track medals for during the Olympics. Type them into the Column 1.
  • Daily check the Olympic medal.
  • Update your spreadsheet for the medals won by your chosen countries. Input the results in the appropriate column (gold, silver or bronze). Add onto the number each day so it shows the total medals won.
  • Notice how the graph on the right changes as you input data.
  • Source :Olympics STEM Activity: Creating Graphs with Google Sheets

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