Beginner’s Guide to Using Technology in Your Homeschool

There are many benefits to using technology in your homeschool. From adding courses to having a better way of recordkeeping, technology has affected the way we homeschool children. In this post, we will talk a little bit about those benefits and how you can also include technology in your homeschool in stress-free ways. Along with that, let’s discuss some of the best ways of using technology altogether.


Benefits of Using Technology in Your Homeschool

Before we move any further, let’s talk about some amazing benefits of using technology in your homeschool.

Technology can help parents teach subjects that they don’t know a great deal about.

Let’s face it. There are subjects we may love to teach and others that are just downright intimidating. Instead of trying to relearn old (or new) concepts, opt-in for using technological resources. With the influx of online learning, you are sure to find some help to make sure your kids are still learning all they need to know.

50 Top Online Courses for Kids

Use technology to bring a new aspect to learning.

Give a child of almost any age a laptop, iPad, or desktop computer and they’ll start to navigate and figure it out in no time. Simply put, kids seem to enjoy technology, so using it to teach them could lead to better success in the learning process.

It may help with efficiency.

Back to the thought that you don’t have to do it all, technology can be used to help both children and parents be much more efficient. If you don’t like to keep paper planners and records, going the digital route may be best. If your child is more of a hands-on learner, using technology-based resources could help them stay more focused and motivated.

Save time while teaching.

Technology has a way of making things much quicker. Instead of grabbing a pencil and paper, a textbook, and a workbook – you can go for the iPad, laptop, or another piece of technology.

A computer on a desk.

Best Types of Technology to Use in Your Homeschool

Now that you know how much technology can make things easier, you might want to know about the best tools to use. Here are few ways to add technology to your homeschool.


Traditional books are now being replaced with ebooks and audibles. You can easily find thousands of books online about any topics that you want to teach your kids. Ebooks and audibles make using technology in homeschooling much easier for everyone.  One of our favorite resources for ebooks and audiobooks is Epic, but there are a lot of great options out there.

Media content

Some kids rather prefer learning through interactive videos, books, and other resources other than books for sure. These types of resources use engaging ways to bind fun with education so kids can easily learn.

How to Choose the Right Technology Tools for Your Homeschool

Tablets or laptops

Using tablets and laptops allow your kids to not strain their eyes while learning. They can also comfortably use these to research things or take online courses. You can decide whether to get a tablet or laptop based on your financial status and children’s educational/developmental requirements.  Our laptop of choice for the past school year has been this one.

Virtual reality tools

Using technology in your homeschool can be done by using virtual reality tools to help your kids with real-life situations through simulations. You can find several online resources that make it simpler for you to make virtual reality a part of your child’s homeschooling curriculum.


Different Ways Technology Can Be Used in Your Homeschool

Using technology in homeschooling can sound a little tricky if you have never done it before. But we have found some amazing yet easy ways to add technology in your homeschooling sessions and make them more interesting for kids.

Apps that offer lessons on school subjects

If you do a little bit of research, you will find numerous mobile or computer applications that you can use to teach lessons in school. You can find such new apps to teach some school subjects each week to add a little flair to your kid’s studies.  Check out this post to see all of my favorite educational apps in one place.

Learning websites

The biggest benefit of using technology in your homeschool is that you get so many websites to use. You can refer to websites to teach particular subjects, to set up question papers, and many more things that will help you in homeschooling your children.

Online Curriculum

Using online curriculum offers the benefit of teaching some of those harder skills, or simply frees up some time for you while your child learns from an experienced teacher.  Check out my Online Homeschool Curriculum Directory for all of your best online curriculum options.


There are many benefits and ways to use technology in your homeschool. Hopefully, you feel much better about adding it to your schedule and lesson plans. Start small, slow, and add as much technology to your homeschool as you and your kids are comfortable with. I’d love to hear from you.

Source : Beginner’s Guide to Using Technology in Your Homeschool

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