3 Programs That Will Improve Your Homeschool Routine

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or been at this gig for a while, chances are you’re always on the lookout for tools to streamline your homeschool routine.  In this digital age, there definitely is no shortage of options to help you create your best homeschool experience.

It’s my pleasure to share this post written by Judy from AMS Software, a company that develops software for image and video editing, slideshow and collage making – just to name a few. Judy is a passionate writer and a mother of three. She’s always ready to boost self-esteem of any doubting mom.

This is a sponsored guest post and all opinions are the guest author’s. I received compensation, but reviewed this product to make sure it was something that I wanted to share with techie homeschoolers. READ HERE for more information.


Homeschooling has never been a novelty even in the pre-pandemic times, but now interest in this way of educating your children has truly peaked. And there couldn’t be a better time.  Since we are now living in the digital world, you have all those digital gizmos and apps to help you with any task. And homeschooling is no exception.

Today, we’ll have a brief look at a few programs that you can use to improve everything about your homeschooling routine, courtesy of AMS Software, a developer with a neck for creating powerful but easy-to-use programs. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.


Get Organized with Smart Calendars

Let’s start with the perhaps most challenging part of homeschooling – keeping your kids (and yourself) organized. While you can certainly rely on calendar apps on your smartphone, why not make a tracker that even your kids will have fun following?

This is where Photo Calendar Creator comes in handy. With this user-favorite program, you’ll be able to make calendars of any type – wall, pocket, desk, etc. – and customize them to your heart’s desire. You can add your favorite pictures to pages and grids, mark national holidays, and even create lists of your own important events (like birthdays) and mark them in the grid, too.

What’s more, Photo Calendar Creator allows you to design planners as well. Just create brightly colored weekly classes schedules or monthly sports planners and your kids will never skip an activity.

Unleash Inner Visionary by Creating Movies

Want to go beyond the regular school curriculum and raise your kids as artists? Then teach them to create short movies. Clipify will help you with that.

This extremely intuitive video editor allows your kids to create videos using your clips. They can take their footage, cut out all the boring parts, then stitch the best part together, add title cards, throw in some awesome effects like snow, glow, fire, or fog, and accompany their creation with a tune – and bam! – you’ll have a little masterpiece to grade.

Recover What is Lost with Ease

Life’s sad truth reads that if something can go wrong, it almost certainly will go wrong. Imagine this – you put together an elaborate presentation for your kids that would be explaining some seriously confusing concept and it gets deleted. Why, how – it doesn’t matter. What matters is you have no presentation. Luckily, you have a chance to recover it.

Just use the aptly named Phoenix program. This data recovery software can help you salvage files from your hard drive, USB drives, as well as SD cards. You can not only recover documents, but images and videos as well. Phoenix does not require an expert level knowledge to operate, so even your kids can use it if they are the ones responsible for the loss of your educational material.

So you see – there are numerous ways to make your homeschooling process not only easy but enjoyable as well. Want to see what else you can do to make homeschooling more effective and interesting? Check out AMS Software to learn what other programs they offer that you can incorporate into your homeschool routine.

Source : 3 Programs That Will Improve Your Homeschool Routine

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