5 Home Made Egg Face Pack For The Glowing Skin

5 Home Made Egg Face Pack For The Glowing Skin

Our skin has to face so many things and we go the beauty saloon and spend a lot of money and they apply many chemical face packs on the skin, although they immediately give us beautiful face, but in long term it causes many skin problem, but if we use any natural or herbal product then our face will look younger for longer time, egg is so small but it has all the nutrients in it which our body and skin demand, by mixing other natural thing to the egg will glow our skin, here are some of the face packs of the egg by which we can get the glow on the skin.

1. Egg White With Tea Tree Oil
Acne are nothing but the bumps on the skin, it causes irritation and redness to the area and it is not good for the face and if we burst it, then it leave dark spots on the skin, many chemical creams are there in the market but they all are harmful on the skin, egg is used to remove the acne, all you need to take out the egg mixture to the bowl, mix the egg white with the fuller’s earth and make the paste of it, we add alum, Sulphur, tea tree oil and fuller’s earth, apply this mixture on the acne area or to the whole face as it is dried, then clean it.

2. Egg Yolks With The Tincher
When we go out, impurities, pollution and other things stick to the skin and our pours are filled with it so we need to clean it properly and if we apply the harsh soap on it, then the softness of the skin will be gone, so we need to add the tincher to the egg yolks, mix it to make the smooth paste of it, now apply this mixture on the skin, leave it for about the 15 minutes, now rinse it off with the cold water and apply good moisture on it.

3. Egg White With Honey
Egg white is full of protein and other essential thing that is required by the skin, honey is used for the glowing skin, all you need to take out the egg white, then mix it with the honey, now apply this mixture to the skin, leave it for about the 10 minutes, then rinse it, honey has the best soothing properties in it which gives glow to the skin.

4. Egg White With Peppermint
Peppermint has the cooling properties and cooling is also a therapy to give relief to the tissues, first you need to soak the fuller’s earth powder to the water, then add the egg white mixture to it, we add 1 teaspoon drops of the peppermint to it, make sure the peppermint should not be used more than 1 teaspoon, then we mix all the things and make a smooth paste of it, now leave it for till dry, then clean it properly and apply a good cream.

5. Egg Yolk With Almond Oil
Almond oil is also good for the skin, we need to take out the egg yolk and then mix it with the almond oil, then we need to add the camphor oil to it, we add the dry skimmed milk in it with then make a paste of the custard consistency, now clean your face and then apply this gently massage it for 5 minutes and clean it with the water.