Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect White sauce pasta... Yummy n tastyy

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White sauce pasta... Yummy n tastyy Melt down butter in a pan. add in all purpose flour and mix well. This is a tasty, rich white sauce for pasta. It's a light sauce that's easy to prepare. You can cook White sauce pasta... Yummy n tastyy using 12 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of White sauce pasta... Yummy n tastyy

  1. Prepare of Pasta.
  2. It's of Carrot.
  3. It's of Sweet corn.
  4. It's of Shimla mirch.
  5. You need of Onion.
  6. It's of Salt.
  7. Prepare of Garlic.
  8. You need of Black pepper.
  9. It's of Red chilli flaks.
  10. It's 2 tbsp of Butter.
  11. It's 2 tbsp of Maida.
  12. Prepare 2 cup of Milk.

Works with plain pasta, ravioli, etc. The sauce thickens more as it cools. Let it cool down a little bit. Add it to the pasta and mix until they are well coated.

White sauce pasta... Yummy n tastyy instructions

  1. सबसे पहले पास्ता को उबाल दीजिए।पास्ता को अस्सी प्रतिशत (80%)तक ही उबले।अब एक कड़ाई मैं तेल डालकर उसमे प्याज, शिमला मिर्च,स्वीट कॉर्न,कैरेट बारीक काटकर नामक डालकर 2मिनट तक ढक कर रख दे।.
  2. अब दूसरी कड़ाई मैं बटर,मैदा डालकर 2 मिनट तक भूनिये, फिर थोड़ा थोड़ा दूद डालकर धीमी आंच पर घूमते रहे।दूद ऐसे होना चाहिये न ज़्यादा गढ़ा न ज़्यादा पतला।अब उसमे नामक,काली मिर्च,चिली फलैक्स डालकर मिक्स करें।.
  3. अब इसमे उबले पास्ता ओर सब्जिया डालकर अछि तरह से मिला ले।.
  4. और परसो।.

Add Parmesan on top if you like. White Sauce - A simple basic sauce that can be used as a dip for pastas and to make many other sauces. When the sauce is heated through, mix in the cooked pasta. Tonight I am adding sea scallops to it. The last time I did it, it turned out wonderful and yummy.