The Top 3 Reasons to Add Avocados to Your Diet

The Top 3 Reasons to Add Avocados to Your Diet

Avocados are packed with nutritional benefits and offer loads of health benefits. Discover tasty ways to add this superfood to your meal plan with some of our best avocado recipes, and learn more about the health benefits of this healthful fruit below.


1. Avocados are an Excellent Source of Potassium, Fiber, and Other Vitamins
All of these healthy nutrients combine to offer a ton of cardiovascualar benefits, and they also help to reduce the risk of a number of health concerns.

2. Avocados are Loaded with Healthy Fats to Improve Overall Body Function
The high fat content in avocados helps reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods by keeping you full and satisfied. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in these deliciously green fruits give your body what it needs for overall good health.

3. Avocados Help Fight Diabetes, Reduce High Cholesterol, and Prevent Cancer
Imagine a fruit with the power to fight back against some of our most serious health con

“Previous research has demonstrated potential health benefits of avocados and extracts of avocado against inflammation and cancer cell growth.” [1]

Avocados may also help fight diabetes and high cholesterol. So next time you make a sandwich or throw together a salad, be sure to toss in some avocado.