Recipe: Yummy Greek salad omelette

Greek salad omelette. Cut into wedges and serve straight from the pan. Omleta greceasca este o varianta a omletei simple , o varianta in care ingredientele salatei grecesti sunt combinate cu ouale. Greek Lemon Chicken Soup (Avgolemono) Recipe.

Greek salad omelette For the most delicious Greek salad, the secret is in the ingredients: find some juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, creamy feta. Try a Greek omelette for your next breakfast or brunch. Filled with chopped tomato, feta cheese When eggs are almost set on surface but still look moist, cover half of omelette with one-quarter of. You can cook Greek salad omelette using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Greek salad omelette

  1. It's 1-2 of eggs depending on size.
  2. You need of Fresh tomatoes.
  3. Prepare of Feta cheese.
  4. It's of Kalamata olives.
  5. It's of Red onion.
  6. You need of Oregano.
  7. It's of Balsamic vinegar.
  8. It's Touch of oil.

Greek Salad Omelette 🍳 Perfect as a quick and healthy dinner 💪 Get the full recipe here: http Greek Salad Omelette. How to make a perfect Greek salad omelette, featuring some of the more simple kitchen staff you're likely to see. This omelette salad is so simple and you have a protein in your meal in no time. I like combining the sour, salty, and sweet taste and it just works so well in this dish (and almost any dishes if you ask me!) This Greek omelette recipe satisfies so many food cravings for me.

Greek salad omelette instructions

  1. Grease a small pan with oil. Add beaten eggs and spread around. Cook for 2-3 mins.
  2. Flip over and cook for 2 mins. Leave on a plate to cool.
  3. Prep the rest of the ingredients. Chop tomatoes and slice the onion.
  4. Place on top with some olives.
  5. Crumble some feta over the top. Finish with a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of balsamic :).

I love eggs for breakfast Greek Omelette Recipe. Leave a Comment · As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Greek Omelette Casserole, a fluffy breakfast omelet recipe loaded with the bold flavors of sun dried Greek Omelette Casserole can stand alone or pairs wonderfully with salads, fruit and bakery goods. This omelet is juicy with this cheese - everyone that tried it, loved it, and they never expected it to turn out this good. This delicious Greek omelette filled with chunks of feta cheese and aromatic mint is perfect for any meal.