How to Make a Face Mask for Kids Perfectly

How to Make a Face Mask for Kids Perfectly

As the United States continues to grapple with how to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, there has been much debate about the use of masks by the general public—especially with personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers in short supply.

Previously, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said that masks weren't necessary unless someone was symptomatic, meaning they were coughing and sneezing and had a fever. The thinking behind this decision was twofold:

First, the CDC was concerned that people would begin hoarding masks that are in short supply and desperately needed by those in the medical field.
Second, unless the masks are N-95 respirators, they don't necessarily prevent people from getting the coronavirus, and they feared wearing them would give people a false sense of security. Masks are primarily used to prevent additional spread from infected people.

However, in light of several studies indicating that the coronavirus can be spread by people who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic, the CDC is recommending that people begin wearing masks in public, especially in areas where social distancing measures are hard to maintain. Examples might include while grocery shopping or picking up medications from pharmacies. Masks also are highly encouraged where there is significant community spread.

Still, it's important that people recognize that wearing masks is an additional preventative measure and not meant to replace the need for social distancing, maintaining six feet of separation when out, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face.

These cloth face coverings, made from everyday items most people have at home, are designed to keep people who may unknowingly have the disease from spreading it to other people. If you or your children are sick, you should not be out in public unless you're getting medical care.

Here is how you can make a face mask for kids perfectly with cocoa powder and rice flour!

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of flour and add to it 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder.
  2. Add to it 1 teaspoon honey and enough milk or curd to form a thick paste. Whisk everythin together.
  3. Apply it on your child’s face and body.
  4. Scrub lightly and wash off with lukewarm water

The face mask is easy to apply, and really tasty too, so your child will not object to the weird smell and it is perfectly safe.

Flour clears the face, while cocoa is an antioxidant that balances the skin’s PH level easily. Honey is nourishing for the skin, and so is milk. Also the concoction is really tasty and perfectly edible, so you need not fear your child eating a bit of it too.
Think of all the fun you kid will have while you make sure her skin is well cared for! Do give it a try!

Essentially, you can make a kids face mask yourself, but remember these points while you do so:

  1. Do not use artificial ingredients like bleach or other chemicals.
  2. Do not use harsh scrubs.
  3. Baby skin is mild, so do not use acidic agent, like tomato or lemon. They are fine for your skin but not for your baby’s.
  4. Do not scrub too hard. Baby skin is mild and scrubbing too hard can cause their skin to  pigment later on.
  5. Do not leave anything applied for more than 10-15 minutes.
  6. Keep a check on the child after application. Lots of times kids generally tend to eat the things covering their faces.
  7. Check your baby’s skin type before you make your favorite mask.