Friends or Family Sabotaging Your Healthy Lifestyle

Friends or Family Sabotaging Your Healthy Lifestyle

You meet someone new and happily date for a little while. The connection is great, there is chemistry, and sex is fun. You start spending more and more time together and begin considering becoming a couple. But then, you stop replying to their texts right away. You cancel dates. You avoid talking about taking things to the next level. Your partner expresses frustration, disappointment, or even anger about your behavior. Not long after, the partner breaks up the relationship.

Does this sound like something that happens to you? 

If so, you might be self-sabotaging your relationships.

1. Improve Your Social Network – Recruit your current friends to join you in your healthy lifestyle, and make new friends that already are living healthy. Habits can be contagious amongst friends.

2. Quick Workout –Do a quick workout at home before your outing to burn some extra calories so you don’t have to pass up that piece of birthday or wedding cake.

3. Keep a Journal – Is the stress in your life causing you to eat or drink too much during social activities? Try expressing your feelings in a journal to highlight the triggers of your stress. Sometimes just writing down your problems will make you feel better.

4. Plan Ahead – If you have a party, event or outing planned with your friends, try to find out what will be available to eat and try to plan for a healthy choice.

5. Healthy Snacks –Have a healthy snack at home before your next social event, and you won’t be as hungry at the event.

6. Select Different Social Activities – Try out new social activities that revolve around healthy living such as taking a natural cooking class or joining a charity training group for a walk, marathon or triathlon.