10 Low-Calorie Beers That Still Taste Great

lowest calorie beer 2020

Though beer is foamy, flavorful, and refreshing, it can be tricky to find ones that meet your needs if you’re on a low calorie diet.

That’s because alcoholic beverages tend to be high in calories. On its own, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.

Yet, the beer scene has diversified in recent years, so increasing numbers of scrumptious brews don’t pack too many calories.

Here are 10 of the best low calorie beers 2020 :

1. Corona Light
With a fruity honey aroma and twice the hops of many light beers, this pilsner is refreshing. The crisp taste of Corona Light also makes it a perfect beverage to go with spicy or citrus-infused foods.

2. Allagash River Trip
This Belgian-style beer is hoppy with flavors of grapefruit and stone fruit. Coriander gives it a hint of citrus. River Trip is available in 17 states and Washington, D.C.

3. New Belgium Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza
This light beer is certainly not light in flavor. Mural is infused with fresh watermelon, hibiscus, lime, and agave — and absolutely no artificial flavoring.

4. Heineken Light
Heineken Light maintains the flavors we've come to know in the original — clean, fruity, and sweet with subtle bitterness — with a lighter feel and fewer calories.

5. Michelob ULTRA
Also brewed without artificial colors or flavors, Michelob Ultra has a light malty taste and subtle citrus aroma.

6. Goose Island So-Lo IPA
If you're looking for the flavor of an IPA without all the calories, this is your answer. So-Lo has a bright citrus and herbal aroma with a balanced bitter hoppy taste

7. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has the fewest calories of any beer on this list, but the refreshing taste means you can drink it and still feel like you're enjoying a beer — because you are. It's also USDA certified organic and free of artificial colors and flavors.

8. Lagunitas DayTime IPA
Here's another great low-calorie IPA. Daytime smells of passion fruit, mango, citrus, and cedar. Easy to drink and hop-forward in taste, it's great for an afternoon get together

9. Natural Light
Natural Light is an American-style light lager. It tastes like beer, but is super smooth and light in body. It doesn't hurt that it's also fairly inexpensive, making it a popular party pick.

10. Corona Premier
Corona Premier is similar to the Corona you already love, but contains fewer calories and carbs. It has a light, crisp, refreshing taste that goes especially well with seafood.