Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Puffy Eye

Puffy and swollen eyes are caused by several reasons like tiredness, stress, genetics, excessive crying, and over-work. It is one of the most common problems of today’s hectic lifestyle and tends to look unattractive on a face.  We have several home remedies that will help you in getting rid of eye puffiness.

1. Chamomile Tea Bags

How To:

  1. Take half a cup of water and put it under the flame for boiling.
  2. Soak two chamomile tea bags inside the water.
  3. After five minutes remove the tea bags and place them on a plate so that they may cool down.
  4. Squeeze out the excess water from the tea bags and place them on your eyes while lying down.
  5. Place them in such a manner that the eyes and puffiness are fully covered by the tea bags.
  6. Let it rest for ten minutes and remove them.

How it Works:
Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that remove puffiness, itchiness, swelling and irritation under the eyes. Placing the tea bags soothes the tired eyes and minimizes the discomfort.

2. Coffee Grounds + Black Pepper Powder + Coconut Oil

How To:

  1. Take half tsp of grounded coffee beans in a glass bowl.
  2. Add one tsp of coconut oil and a small pinch of black pepper powder.
  3. Mix it thoroughly to create a smooth and fine paste.
  4. Apply this paste under your eyes.
  5. Take special care so that the paste does not get inside the eyes as it can cause irritation because of black pepper.
  6. Leave it for ten minutes and rinse it away.

How it Works:
The coffee grounds have anti-inflammatory properties that help in minimizing and removing puffiness and swelling. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients that moisturizes the skin and gives it a radiant look. The black pepper powder increases the blood circulation under the eyes and makes the under eye area healthier. All the ingredients work together to create a perfect treatment for puffy eyes.

3. Egg White + Witch Hazel Mask

How To:

  1. Take two eggs and separate egg whites from the yolk.
  2. Place the egg whites in a glass bowl.
  3. Whip the egg whites briskly to get a smooth paste.
  4. Add five drops of witch hazel to it and mix it properly.
  5. Apply this mixture under your eyes with the help of your fingertips or a
  6. Leave it to dry for fifteen minutes.
  7. Rinse it off with normal water.

How it Works:
Egg whites tighten the skin, prevent wrinkles and remove puffiness of the eyes. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that tightens the skin and reduces puffiness.

4. Chilled Cucumber Slices

How To:

  1. Take a fresh cucumber and cut it in slices.
  2. Place them in a refrigerator to chill.
  3. Take them out and place the cold slices on the eyes for ten minutes. Repeat this process four to five times daily.

How it Works:
Chilled cucumber has enzymes and astringent properties that tighten skin, reduce inflammation and get rid of puffiness.